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Sentiment Analysis

We work with clients when they wish to learn more about a specific issue within their organisation. We provide the following services: 



Focus Group Discussions

Attitudinal Surveys


Cultural Development  Research

This involves longer term, more in-depth collaboration with management to produce the following:






An organisation-specific report based on sentiment analysis insights 

A toolkit for implementing policy and practical mechanisms of transformation, including an E-Learning course which can upskill employees 

Working with  HR to create actionable initiatives which continue to challenge the workplace ecosystem after research is complete

noun_e learning_3241743.png

 Custom-made video content, case study analysis, and a variety of infographics form part of our immersive curriculum 


 A tailor-made product to suit your organizational needs: clients can make use of our existing cultural curriculum or allow us to modify their existing content and turn it into an interactive blended learning format  

Working with management by engaging with staff, students and the broader institutional community so as to identify and understand institution-specific barriers to inclusion. The outcome of this research takes the form of a report and toolkit with practical mechanisms which can be implemented towards creating an increasingly transformed institution.

The E-Learning platform acts as an educational resource for members of the school or university to better understand the various cultural phenomena occurring in their environment.   


These are longer, more intimate discussions with a pre-selected group of individuals whose perspective are desired on a certain topic. We prepare the questions, record the session and provide feedback insights to management. Focus Groups which are ongoing at regular intervals throughout the school year are fruitful as they can show changing perceptions on transformation and social experience.    

Training Seminars

Facilitated Dialogues

Focus Groups

Internal Research & Community Feedback


These interactive sessions for staff and students involve the sharing of unique perspectives on topics such as race, gender and class in the current socio-political climate. These sessions unpack school and univeristy-specific challenges and facilitate visioning exercises on how to create a 'Smart Organisation'. 


Working with staff and students when an ad-hoc need arises for discussion on pertinent topics within the institution. We play the role of external facilitators,  guiding discussion and probing  questions.   

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