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What is Social Literacy?

Social Literacy is the toolkit to engage and understand different cultural identities and social experiences,

in order to move towards a state of inclusion.



Our Origins

The Social Literacy Conversation started in early 2017 as a response to the growing dialogues around inequality in South Africa. Protests at tertiary institutions across the country such as Rhodes Must Fall & Fees Must Fall had sparked increased interrogation and action across many spheres of our society. The Social Literacy Seminars were born out of the need for honest, meaningful and open conversations within South African organizations. 


The Social Literacy Conversation then became SLC Research Associates, adding E-Learning solutions and long-term research services to the existing seminars. 

Throughout all our offerings, there is a consistent value that underpins our work: to create environments where a multitude of identities can be understood and empowered so as to create culturally competent and inclusive organizations.



Who we are

We are young and dynamic individuals from diverse  backgrounds. We studied at the University of Cape Town (UCT) during a time of intense student discontent in the country, and have had a long- standing interest in unpacking the complexity inherent in post-Apartheid South Africa. We are grounded in the discipline of Social Anthropology, and the social sciences in general. 

Litha Sokutu has an Honours degree in Media, Theory and Practice and a Masters in Social Anthropology. During his postgraduate studies, he developed significant skills through tutoring undergraduate students. Litha also has corporate work experience. He has a passion for critical engagement with social complexity inherent in post-apartheid South Africa.

We are thus well suited to provide fresh and valuable perspectives on the current socio-political climate, and to use these perspectives to empower schools and corporates to become increasingly socially and culturally literate.

Dylan Campbell has an Honours degree in Social Anthropology and a Masters in City and Regional Planning. He has experience in community building and teamwork workshop facilitation through his involvement in various NGOs around Cape Town. During his postgraduate studies, he developed significant skills through tutoring undergraduate students. Dylan also has experience working in local government. He is passionate about moving valuable academic knowledge beyond the ‘ivory tower’.

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