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Our Client list ranges from high schools and universities that we've conducted research and training for, to corporate organizations that have made use of our E-Learning products. 


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The model of research, face-to-face engagement, reporting and then policy evolution and implementation, while taking time, is a model that works. We believe for transformation to be successful, meaning that we achieve significant diversity within a context of excellent service, and deliver on the moral and business imperatives, [it] takes time and resources. We recommend the Social Literacy Conversation Research Associates.

Dr. Cleeve Robertson, CEO of National Sea Rescue Institute


“[U]sing case studies or situations that students may encounter, they enable the students gradually to tease out the underlying power dynamics themselves. Rather than feeling guilty or alienated by these revelations, students feel enlightened and therefore empowered to change.”

 Professor Mary Alice Morgan, Provost of Service Learning, Mercer University

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"I have been impressed with Dylan and Litha’s professionalism, and the way they handle these very complex topics with such insight and thought-provoking questions.

I believe that surfacing these issues is an important part of developing cultural awareness and contributes to a realization of one’s ‘position’ and ‘role’ in society."

Alison Van Der Merwe, Upper School Principal, American International School of Cape Town



“I cannot speak for your school’s particular needs, but I would happily recommend that you consider Dylan and Litha for your own processes. Speak to them; I am certain that in doing so you will be assured that they have a very relevant offering and inspire confidence. We will happily have them back at Rondebosch when their particular skills need to be called upon again.”

 Shaun Simpson, Headmaster, Rondebosch Boys High School

We have worked with some of the top schools in the Cape Town region, including Somerset College, American International School of Cape Town, Westerford High School, Rondebosch Boys High School, Bishops Diocesan College, and Rustenburg Girls Junior School. We are also working on a longer term basis with the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI). 



“The Social Literacy Conversation has already had a marked influence on many of the staff and boys of the College. I look forward to working with them into the future as we face up to the many issues which block us from being a truly inclusive and welcoming environment. It has been a pleasure working with them.”

Peter Westwood, Deputy Principal, Bishops Diocesan College



“Litha and Dylan facilitated this seminar with maturity and sensitivity beyond their years. They were able to, in a very relaxed way, encourage teachers to express their feelings and concerns so as to empower all present.
We emerged from the seminar with far greater insight and a lot more confidence to deal with the sensitive issues at hand.”

Rob Le Roux, Headmaster, Westerford High School

“It was evident that they are very knowledgeable and at ease in their understanding of these areas, and that they are passionate about, and committed to, bridging the gaps between people and contributing to the health of communities and of the nation”

Graham Sayer, Executive Head of Somerset College



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